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There are heavens beyond the highest heavens.The most important is to grasp the opportunity.High & new tech is changing with each passing day,Survival of the originator,elimination of the repeater.The developing and striving Double Arrow people consider "innovation" as the motivity of their business."Pay close attention to your demands" is our developing theme.
We are firmly convinced that you need to enhance the productivity.Quicken the production cycle,improve the quality,satisty the client's choice.In that case.Double Arrow people are wholeheartedly making a comprehensive considerations for you.
Double Arrow people advocate human-centred management.It is based upon the technological progress.What is more,we are looking towards your requirements.

Manufacturer:Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Address:Zhou Quan town Industrial Zone,Tongxiang,Zhejiang,P.R.China
Postal code:314513
TEL:(86)0573-88539122  (86)0573-88539116    (86)0573-88539138
FAX:(86)0573-88531385  88531023
Double Arrow's subsidiary company:
International Conveyor Products Pty Ltd
Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Co.,Ltd.
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