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fire-resistant steel cord conveyor belt 

Characteristics and uses:
Fier-resistant steel cord conveyor belt has the merits of conveying materrials at the occasion of high strength,long distance,and large load as common steel cord conveyor belt.however,it also has the properties of filre-resistant and anti-static,and it is suitable for Fire resistant and anti-explosion applications, especially suitable for conveying materials under coalmine wells.


Cover property and grade:
Tensile strdngth: >=15Mpa
Elongation at break: >=350%
Aging tset(70oCx168h)
Change rate of tensile strength: -25~+25%
Change rate of elongation at break: -25~+25%
Abrasion <=200mm3


Safety property:



Anti-sttatic property

Average electrical resistance of both surfaces


Drum friction

Surface temperature of drum.


Any test pice shall not show any sign of flame or glow  

Buming on spirit bumer

(flame or glow)

Burning with cover rubber

Average duration of lame for six test pieses

<=3 S

Duration of flame for any individual tset piece

<=10 S


Average duration of flame for six test piece

<=5 S

Duration of flame for any individual tset piece

<=15 S

Buming on propane bumer

Ength that is compleetleey undamaged by flame .mm

>=250 mm

Other technical indexes will follow specification MT668-1997

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